Coffee with a Cop at McDonalds

Join us for Coffee with a Cop on September 21, 2016 from 8-10am.

Enjoy a free SMALL McCafe Coffee as you meet with local law enforcement and ask questions about your community.

Coffee with a Cop will be held at the following McDonalds locations:

I would like to personally thank each and every Law Enforcement Officer in this great state for the dedication and commitment to their oath of office. In a time of need, it is these brave men and women who sacrifice their livelihood to serve and protect those around them. Without skipping a beat, these individuals make the extraordinary acts of heroism a common and daily occurrence. While serving their communities, these officers will endure things that the average citizen would not be able to fathom.

In turn, these officers are often met with hardcore resistance and violence toward them, while all in a day’s work. Some of these officers are seriously injured and or pay the ultimate sacrifice for their community. It is times like this that we are so grateful to have an organization like the Injured Police Officer’s Fund. This non-profit organization helps those injured or killed in the line of duty by assisting the family of the officer in their time of need. We are there for them in every aspect of life. When an officer goes down, it is his brother’s and sister’s in law enforcement that step up and band together to help fill the void.

On September 21, 2016, the Injured Police Officer’s fund and local area McDonald’s restaurants have teamed up once again to host “Coffee with a Cop”. This will be an opportunity for anyone who wishes to speak to an officer in their community, face to face and ask questions and get answers. McDonald’s has agreed to give free coffee to those individuals who sit with the police officers and engage them with community questions. This is a great opportunity for all involved to engage with each other in the community in which we all live. I look forward to seeing you on September 21st, and remember that week is “Thank a Cop Week”. So go find an officer and take the time to say Thank You!
Once again, Thank you to all the police officers in this great state for doing what you do. And a big thank you to all the residents of this state who have supported the Injured Police Officer’s Fund and the men and women it serves. Thank you.

Lieutenant Alan Davidson, NHP/President IPOF

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