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For this retrospective study, a total of 92 male IHH outpatients from May 2010 to October 2014 were recruited and categorized into GnRH (n = 40) and HCG/HMG (n = 52) groups. Each subject selected one specific therapy voluntarily. The gonadotropin levels were measured in the first week and monthly post-treatment in GnRH group. And serum total testosterone (TT), testicular volume (TV) and rate of spermatogenesis were observed monthly post-treatment in two groups. Spermatogenesis, TT and TV were compared between two groups. testosterone.

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The purpose of the current study was to evaluate changes in body composition, metabolic rate, and hormones during post-competition recovery. Data were collected from natural physique athletes (7 male/8 female) within one week before (T1) competition, within one week after (T2), and 4-6 weeks after (T3) competition. Measures included body composition (fat mass [FM] and lean mass [LM] from ultrasongraphy), resting metabolic rate (RMR; indirect calorimetry), and salivary leptin, testosterone, cortisol, ghrelin, and insulin. Total body water (TBW; bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy) was measured at T1 and T2 in a sub-sample (n=8) of athletes. Significant (pT2>T1), LM (T1=57.6±13.9 kg, T2=59.4±14.2, T3=59.3±14.2; T2 and T3>T1), and FM (T1=7.7±4.4 kg, T2=8.0±4.4, T3=10.0±6.2; T3>T1 and T2). TBW increased from T1 to T2 (Δ=1.9±1.3 L, p<0.01). RMR increased from baseline (1612±266 kcal/day; 92.0% of predicted) to T2 (1881±329, 105.3%; p<0.01) and T3 (1778±257, 99.6%; p<0.001). Cortisol was higher (p<0.05) at T2 (0.41±0.31 μg/dL) than T1 (0.34±0.31) and T3 (0.35±0.27). Male testosterone at T3 (186.6±41.3 pg/mL) was greater than T2 (148.0±44.6, p=0.04). RMR changes were associated (p≤0.05) with change in body fat percent (ΔBF%; r=0.59) and T3 protein intake (r=0.60); male testosterone changes were inversely associated (p≤0.05) with ΔBF%, ΔFM, and Δweight (r=-0.81--0.88). TBW increased within days of competition. Pre-competition RMR suppression appeared to be variable and markedly reversed by overfeeding, and reverted toward normal levels following competition. RMR and male testosterone increased while FM was preferentially gained 4-6 weeks post-competition. testosterone.

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A prospective cohort study comparing the development of bone mass in the lumbar spine, proximal femur and distal radius was carried out over a three-year period in two groups of adolescents: elite basketball players and age-matched controls. Baseline hormone levels and bone remodelling were evaluated. Bone mass, hours of physical exercise, diet, unhealthy habits, anthropometry and menstrual cycle were assessed at baseline and yearly. Differences in acquisition of bone mass were assessed by two-way repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA). testosterone.

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Seasonal changes in steroid hormones are known to have a major impact on social behavior, but often are quite sensitive to environmental context. In the bi-directionally sex changing fish, Lythrypnus dalli, stable haremic groups exhibit baseline levels of interaction. Status instability follows immediately after male removal, causing transiently elevated agonistic interactions and increase in brain and systemic levels of a potent fish androgen, 11-ketotestosterone (KT). Coupling KT implants with a socially inhibitory environment for protogynous sex change induces rapid transition to male morphology, but no significant change in social behavior and status, which could result from systemically administered steroids not effectively penetrating into brain or other tissues. Here, we first determined the degree to which exogenously administered steroids affect the steroid load within tissues. Second, we examined whether coupling a social environment permissive to sex change would influence KT effects on agonistic behavior. We implanted cholesterol (Chol, control) or KT in the dominant individual (alpha) undergoing sex change (on d0) and determined the effects on behavior and the degree to which administered steroids altered the steroid load within tissues. During the period of social instability, there were rapid (within 2 h), but transient effects of KT on agonistic behavior in alphas, and secondary effects on betas. On d3 and d5, all KT, but no Chol, treated females had male typical genital papillae. Despite elevated brain and systemic KT 5 days after implant, overall rates of aggressive behavior remained unaffected. These data highlight the importance of social context in mediating complex hormone-behavior relationships. testosterone.

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Following a 3-day lead in energy balanced diet, FH+ (n = 9) and FH- men (n = 11) were overfed by 5200 kJ/day (45% fat) for 28 days. Body weight, fasting glucose, insulin, sex steroid, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels, insulin sensitivity (hyperinsulinaemic-euglycaemic clamp) and body fat (DXA) were assessed in all individuals at baseline and day 28, and sex steroidogenesis-related enzyme expression in vastus lateralis biopsies was examined in a subset (n = 11). testosterone.

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We identified patients presenting to our institution who were placed on CC, 50 mg every day or every other day, for male infertility and/or symptomatic hypoandrogenism between September 2013 and April 2016. Patients with documented exogenous testosterone, human chorionic gonadotrophin, or anastrozole use within 2 weeks of baseline evaluations were excluded. Our primary outcomes were the effects of CC on PSA, Hct, and total testosterone levels evaluated at the 3, 6, 9, or 12 months of follow-up. Outcomes were averaged within patients across visits and summarised by mean, median, range, standard deviation (SD) and the 95% confidence interval (CI) for the mean. testosterone.

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