Clark County Sheriff's Department

Officer Down Account Information: Wells Fargo Bank – Account #6102
As a reminder, the IPOF does NOT solicit donations via phone. If you receive a phone call asking for a donation to the IPOF, it is a SCAM. Report the solicitation to the Nevada Attorney General. Be sure to write down the date, time and phone number the solicitation came from.

George Hart
Deputy Sheriff George Hart was appointed to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department on July 5, 1956. Deputy Hart’s short-lived career met a tragic end on October 25, 1957, barely one year following his employment…
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Winnie Austin Hansen
Deputy Sheriff Winnie Austin Hansen was a member of the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. On December 26, 1950, Officer Hansen, along with his partner Deputy Sheriff William Wolf, were proceeding east on Boulder Highway…
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James Richard Rogan
Officer James Richard Rogan joined the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in 1970 and served on the Department for approximately eight years until his tragic death. On February 22, 1978, while working as a Traffic motorcycle officer…
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